Around him, stories of love and dependence. The youth laughed and spoke. For some years now, the man in the trench coat had regarded young people as the fallacy of the future. So much to give, no sailboat to follow.

It was the first time that he attended that bar. Luckily, the only seat available was the bar. A paradoxical place. Ignore everyone and seen by everyone.

The bartender did not dare to ask. The traces of tears in the stranger’s eyes were clear. Someone who, far from seeming accompanied, looked like an abandoned man. The ideal character to succeed in his mental game of every night.

The hand raised decisively, denoted experience in the art of sublimating solitude. Dark, please. He added another element to get lost in the environment.

The shade rocked his dark circles. He projected a personality where the anguish of not knowing what would happen, dressed him as a tailor suit.

In that place of dim lights and popular music, lay a man who had given up believing himself master of his decisions. He was a knower of the work of God. That immobility made sense of his hope. He understood that when one comes to understand the faith, everything transcends.

His melancholy was born of true love. He understood.

He gave his life for her. She took it away, leaving it to him.

He was tested in generosity and unselfishly sin.

That night he became the winner of the bartender´s game.